Vlieseline H640 (0.5m) 

Vlieseline H640 (0.5m) £ 4.75 In stock



0.5m £4.75

1m £9.00

2m £18.00

Sample Pack (see description)


New product!

Price per meter reduces the greater the quantity, sold in 0.5m, 1m and 2m pieces.

This is a medium weight, soft iron-on batting made of synthethic fibres suitable for light medium-weight fabrics.

To add extra stiffening use with H250 or Decovil I Light.

Press the iron on step by step for about 15 seconds, using a damp cloth. Do not push.

CARE: Washable up to 40C



We recognise it is difficult to choose the appropriate interfacing without being able to touch/feel it so we have put a little Vlieseline sample pack together that includes H250, H640 and Decovi I Light for £1.25 to cover postage and packaging - if you are placing an order we are happy to enclose the sample at no cost, just drop us an email or call us and we will include with your order.




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