SALE - 3.5" Purse Frames Silver Glue In 'seconds' 

SALE - 3.5" Purse Frames Silver Glue In 'seconds' £ 0.80 In stock


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3.5" x 1.5" (90mm x37mm) Glue in Purse Frames - only 21 left!

Seconds - this is a sturdy little frame with a perfect finish and a firm clasp but when it is closed there is a bit of movement between the two sides ie it opens fractionally but is still clasped.

I have added a photo to show why it is a second. I cannot push a 5p through. It may be possible to adjust the clasp on the top to recitfy the problem (my husband did it on one but I haven't the time). So here they are 80p each - may be good to practice on.

Use with our Gutermann Textile Glue (see below) to fix fabric to frame for a perfect finish.

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