Purse Frames 100mm/4" Flex (10 frames) 

Purse Frames 100mm/4" Flex (10 frames) £ 15.00 In stock


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1 frame

5 frames

10 frames

25 frames

50 frames


FREE pattern with any purchase of one or more of these frames.


Price per frame reduces reduces the larger the pack

Make a small coin purse or spectacle case with this easy to make and easy to use frame.

The frame is made of two flat flexible pieces of metal hinged together at one side. Make your purse with a channel at the top wide enough to accommodate the frame, slide in the two sides, one at either side. Connect the two ends of the hinge at the other side using a pin provided with the frame.

If you're not quite sure how to fit the frame to the purse, this is a very short Youtube video by North Star Leather 'Using Squeeze Frames in a Coin Purse' which should give you an idea.

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