Purse Frame 150mm/6" Brass Glue In - No Loops (1 frame) 

Purse Frame 150mm/6" Brass Glue In - No Loops (1 frame) £ 1.50 In stock


Pack Size

1 frame Brushed Brass £1.50

1 frame Brushed Silver £1.50



6" x 2.5"

These are classed as 'seconds' frames normally £ 4.95 each

These purse frames with a really nice brushed antique finish but they have slight imperfections on the surface - photo is an example - frames are good sturdy functional frames.

They have large bobble clips that close together securely. Use with our Gutermann Textile Glue to fix fabric to frame for a perfect finish.

Perfect frames are available and frames with fixed loops. If you choose the frames with loops you can clip a chain to it to make your own  shoulder bag.


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