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1. Fitting Bag Feet
2. Sewing Leather Handles to Your Bag
3. Fitting Magnetic Bag Clasps
4. Fitting a Bag Lock to Your Bag

1. Fitting Bag Feet

It is very easy to fit the bag feet. Mark the position for placing the feet from the inside so that you don't leave any marks on the inside.

Use a seam ripper to make a tiny hole where you want the foot to go. Push the two prongs of the foot up through the hole. If you have an interlining or bag base push the prongs through that also, if you haven't either of those, cut a square of thicker fabric and push the prongs through that.

Once through fold the prongs back. You don't need the backing disks but if you feel you do want something extra cut a piece of margerine tub into a square and make a single hole and use that.


2. Sewing Leather Handles to Your Bag

The tabs at either end of each handle have pre-punched holes for hand sewing handles to bag. We advise you to use a skein of embroidery thread for sewing the handles to your bag, the thread is softer on the leather and you can match the colour of thread and handles.

3. Fitting Magnetic Bag Clasps

Each magnetic clasp is composed of two sides and two backing washers. Each side of the clasp has two prongs that go through the cloth of your bag and come out the other side, over which you place the backing washer and fold back the prongs. It's that simple, no special tools necessary.

Bearing in mind that you will be pulling the clasps open many times during the life of the bag, I would suggest that you take the prongs through the lining and the interlining and consider an additional piece of strong fabric, this will help protect your lining from wear and tear.

Measure the width of your bag between the two side seams and find the centre of the bag at the height you want to place the clasp. Place the backing washer on that point (interling facing) and mark the inling through the both the washer holes - this is where the prongs will pass through.

With a seam ripper make two holes where you have marked. Taking one side of the clasp push the the holes (lining facing), push the backing washer over the prongs and then fold the prongs over. Use hammer to help bend them over if you find this hard, just to push not to deliver a blow. Repeat on the other side of your bag.

4. Fitting a Bag Lock to Your Bag

Each bag lock is made up of 2 parts plus 1 or 2 washers/backing plates. No special tools necessary but a seam ripper or small pair of scissors would be useful.

For ease of reference:-
Piece 1. has the twisting knob on the front and two prongs at the rear
Piece 2. has a hole in the middle


Measure the front of the bag, locate the centre point. Mark where the two prongs of piece 1. will pass through the fabric.
With a seem picker make two small homes at the points you have marked. Push the prongs through, push the backing plates over the prongs, fold back the prongs.

Fold the flap of the bag over the lock, mak where you want the twist lock to pass through the hole of piece 2. of the lock.
Lay the flap on a flat surface place piece 2. over the mark you have just made. Run a pen or pencil around the inside of the lock.
Now cut out the fabric within the oval/circle you have just made.

Unscrew the two pieces (the screws are on the back), place either side of the hole you have just made and rescrew. That's it.

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