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Charities We Support

We apreciate that it is a wonderful thing to have a family, to feel safe and have a home to live in and we know that not every one is not that lucky, so we support and make make monthly donations to the charities below.


Quote from Centrepoint:-

'We know young people sleep rough every night - in parks, stairwells, under bridges and worse. But there are thousands more you don't see - spending the night on buses, on sofas or in the homes of strangers. They're escaping abuse, violence, gangs and fear. Many are homeless because they can't live with their family, or they have no family. More than 150,000 young people ask for help with homelessness every year. '

By sponsoring a room at Centrepoint you can help a homeless young person leave homelessness behind for good.

For just £12 a month you can help save lives and change lives.

Salvation Army  

The Salvation Army reaches out to those affected by homelessness, human-trafficking, old age, poverty, unemployment, domestic abuse and families who have lost contact.

Find out more about what the Salvation Army do to help others and how you can help too at

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