Bag Frames 406mm/16" Brass Hinged Tubular Frames (1 frame) 

Bag Frames 406mm/16" Brass Hinged Tubular Frames (1 frame) £ 9.00 In stock


Pack Size

1 frame £9.00

5 frames £40.00 (£8.00 each)

10 frames £75.00 (£7.50 each)



Makes a bag with a rigid opening, sometimes called a Gladstone bag or Carpet bag.

Tubular frame unscrews into two pieces to slide into fabric and then re-screw together. The hinge has an attractive antique brass finish that can be left exposed. Sew your bag, creating a channel at the top of each side.

Unscrew the the 4 little screws that connect the hinge to each tube at one end of the frame. Then, putting the screws somewhere safe remove the hinge.  You will now have the hinge still connected at one end and at the other end two open tubes. Thread the tubes through the fabric and reconnect the hinge to the tube and rescrew. Insert the frame parts and re-screw.

Use this frame with our fabulous 'Weekend Carpet Bag' Pattern.

Also available with silver hinges and in 12"  size.

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